Staff Scheduler
Maximizing Staff Placement... to better service appointment scheduling.  
With so many patients coming and going to the various sites in your practice, how can you manage your doctor and technician schedules efficiently?
  By implementing ScheduleMax you can:
  • Group your sites by region and service availability
  • Remember which technicians are available at each site
  • Set up your weekly technician schedules with a simple point-and-click interface
  • Facilitate rotation of personnel across multiple sites
  • Allow balanced rounding assignment by setting target shift counts by technician
  • Link you procedures to qualified technicians and sites to confirm service authorization
  • Filter appointment openings by services available for a given tech-site-shift combination
  • Keep track of technician time-off and holiday rules
  • Instantly fill your template with recurring schedule events
  • Track patient appointment history and cancellations
  • Quickly generate patient appointment and facility reports
  • Share multi-user network access to your central scheduling database

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Staff Scheduler