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Hospitals nationwide are discovering the benefits of incorporating a comprehensive sleep laboratory into their roster of patient services. ASN is responding to the fact that sleep disorders create a need and an opportunity for healthcare providers to not only meet patient demands, but also to feed other services in the hospital network. ASN is playing a key role for hospitals in providing state-of-the-art sleep services with a "turn-key" approach, providing all equipment, staffing, technical and clinical services, consulting, reporting and protocols. In developing this relationship, hospitals have no personnel issues and a minor risk of investment.

ASN is committed to establishing a sleep network through hospital affiliations. Within ASN's sleep and CPAP division, statistics are aggregated on a national level and used to develop economic models and quality standards for evaluating and managing sleep disorders.

ASN is also involved in the development and distribution of medical software. ASN has an Information Technology Division which provides solutions for health care workers which influence efficiencies and accuracies, providing statistical analysis for optimal operations, maximizing payer reimbursements and improving time management of patient care.

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